The Team

  • Patricia Parham - Associate Vice President for Human Resources
  • Walter Johnson - Employee Relations Manager
  • Andrew Castro - Assistant Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct
  • David Hilke - Director of Campus Safety
  • Rick Holigrocki - Dean - Graduate School of Psychology
  • Reynaldo Lainez - Campus Safety Supervisor
  • Salma Loo - CARE Case Manager

If you have personally experienced or witnessed an incident of bias, harassment or discrimination, you are welcome to submit a report to the Incident Response Team. Upon receiving the report, the Incident Response Team will: 

  • Review the incident report
  • If warranted, forward the report to the appropriate department(s) for investigation and/or resolution
  • Provide appropriate referrals to care resources for those involved
  • Provide statistical data to the community in an annual report regarding instances of harassment, bias, and discrimination at California Lutheran University

The Incident Response Team does not:

  • Serve as investigators of incident reports
  • Determine outcomes of investigations

Please see our page of FAQs for additional information.