Firearms and Weapons

California Lutheran University is committed to maintaining a safe and secure learning and working environment. The safety of the University’s students, faculty, staff, and the public is a central concern of the University. This policy governs the possession and/or use of firearms, explosives and weapons on University Property.

It is the policy of California Lutheran University to prohibit firearms, explosives and weapons (collectively referred to herein as “weapons”) on University Property and in programs or activities conducted by the University, whether on- or off-University Property. The only authorized exceptions to this policy are described below. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, weapons in briefcases, purses, tool boxes, desks, in personal or University vehicles or in other personal property or effects, even if the possessor has a valid federal or state permit or license to possess such weapon.

Any person who witnesses the possession, display or use of any weapon must immediately notify Campus Safety.

Any person, who possesses displays or uses any weapon on University Property or at off-campus University activities or programs, may be subject to disciplinary action under University policies and also may be referred to the local law enforcement agency for possible criminal prosecution.

This policy is applicable to students, faculty, staff, volunteers, visitors, vendors, and third party contractors.

For the purpose of this policy:
Firearms: Any device, designed to be used as a weapon, from which a projectile is expelled through a barrel by the force of an explosion or other form of combustion, whether loaded or unloaded. This includes, but is not limited to, hand guns, rifles, pistols, semi-automatic weapons, air guns, dart guns, potato and stun guns, and any ammunition for any such device.

Weapons: Any object that is designed to or traditionally used to inflict harm, or any object used to threaten or cause bodily harm to an individual. This includes, but is not limited to: (1) firearms, explosives, slingshots, switchblades, daggers, blackjacks, brass knuckles, bows and arrows, knives, nun-chucks, throwing stars, etc.; (2) any object that could be reasonably construed as a weapon; or (3) any object legally controlled as a weapon or treated as a weapon under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the University is located.

Explosives: Any substance, or combination of substances, the primary or common purpose of which is detonation or rapid combustion, and which is capable of a relatively instantaneous or rapid release of gas and heat, or any substance, the primary purpose of which, when combined with others, is to form a substance capable of a relatively instantaneous or rapid release of gas and heat. This includes, but is not limited to: firecrackers, black powder, dynamite, plastic explosives, detonators, and blasting caps.

University Property: All University owned or controlled buildings and grounds including University and privately owned vehicles parked on campus.

Enforcement of this policy rests primarily with Campus Safety.

Anyone possessing a weapon other than those in the exception categories will be asked to immediately remove the prohibited item(s) from campus. They will also be subjected to one or more of the following actions. If any item in the possession of a student is deemed a weapon by the University, it may be confiscated and/or destroyed. Students of the University are subject to disciplinary procedures as defined in the Student Conduct System portion of the Student Handbook.

Individuals employed by or for the University will be referred to Human Resources and may be subject to disciplinary actions up to and including termination of employment.

Volunteers, visitors, vendors and other third party contractors in violation of this policy are subject to immediate removal from campus.

Possession of unlicensed firearms or weapons will result in confiscation and/or destruction and may lead to criminal prosecution by the appropriate jurisdiction.

The only authorized exceptions to this policy include:
1. Sworn law enforcement officers responding to campus incidents and/or participating in training seminars or classroom activities to the extent they are legally permitted to possess weapons in the jurisdiction in which the University premises are located.
2. Persons authorized by their employer, and duly licensed and legally permitted under the laws of the jurisdiction in which they are located to possess weapons may do so provided they are on campus acting in their professional capacity (e.g. employees of armored car services that collect or transport money).
3. Faculty or staff if they are part of an authorized academic, research, or employment activity (e.g., knives or tools used by Facilities Management personnel to perform the duties of their job; knives used in kitchens for food preparation purposes; knives or tools used in a classroom for carrying out specified assigned course tasks).
4. University sanctioned groups or events where a particular weapon is required as part of the curriculum or activity (e.g., martial arts classes, fencing clubs, etc.).

Exceptions to this policy must be requested in writing to the Director of Campus Safety. The Director of Campus Safety will review the request with the University President. Only under the most unusual circumstance will a request for an exception be granted. Questions about the applicability of this policy to specific items may be directed to Campus Safety.