Transfer Pathways

Cal Lutheran has established course transfer agreements with several local community colleges. Through these agreements, specific courses are identified as eligible to transfer for credit to Cal Lutheran and satisfy core curriculum and major requirements.

General Education Courses

Students with an approved state transfer completed (e.g. IGETC, CSU Breadth Certification, Associate Degree for Transfer) or 60 credits in transfer (excluding military credit) will have satisfied the general education requirements, known at Cal Lutheran as IDEAS. Students will still be held to the portions of IDEAS that integrated into the major.

Major Requirements

See which requirements for your chosen major at Cal Lutheran are satisfied by the courses you've already taken.

View our Articulation Agreements, by searching your school, or browse from a list of our most frequent transferring institutions.

Articulation Agreements

Credit Transfer Policies

Thirty of the final 40 credits taken prior to graduating must be completed at Cal Lutheran. This requirement cannot be met using CLEP, portfolio or credit by examination.

A maximum of 20 credits of correspondence and/or extension work may be applied toward your degree, but not toward your major.

Generally, transfer credit is not permitted for the following types of classes:

  • Basic or manual skills such as typing or stenography
  • Vocational or technical skills
  • Personal enrichment (continuing education or certification)
  • Remedial courses or duplication of previous courses.

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