"4 To Finish" Guarantee Program


Cal Lutheran's "4 To Finish" Graduation Guarantee Program is designed to assist students in a timely four-year graduation. Students will not only have an opportunity to enter graduate school or get started in their careers earlier, but keep costs to a minimum, stay on track academically, and achieve their goals!

In order to participate in the California Lutheran University 4 to Finish program students agree to comply with the conditions outlined below. The University makes a commitment that graduation in four years will not be delayed by course availability. Students may cancel the agreement with the University at any time, with no penalty. Cancellation of the agreement is automatic if any of the terms listed below are not met.

4 to Finish First-Year Meeting

Please make sure to schedule time with your academic adviser from the Center for Student Success early to provide enough time to review/approve your academic plan. To make an appointment with your academic adviser, click here.

The following terms and conditions are required:
  1. Sign the 4 to Finish Agreement by September 30th of your first year. (Note: this form will be available in early August for incoming students.)
  2. Declare a major and minor if applicable by the end of the third semester after matriculation. All science majors (except Geosciences and Environmental Science), Liberal Studies in Education, Accounting, Multimedia, and students interested in a double major** must be declared in the first semester by the due date. A major and/or minor declared after the deadline requires proof that it is possible to finish the degree requirements in the remaining semesters. An approval form is available in Academic Services.
    • **Beginning Fall 2020, first-year students wishing to declare a double major will need to submit the 4 to Finish Second Major Declaration Form. (Note: this form will be available in early August for incoming students.)
    • **Students with double majors will be required to create, receive approval for, and maintain a 4-year schedule in Student Planning. Note that 4-year plans will not be approved if students include courses taken outside Cal Lutheran.
    • **4 to Finish Second Major Declaration Form will require approvals for both majors from their academic advisor, the department chair for each major, the Dean, and the Registrar no later than October 15th of their incoming year. 
  3. Meet with your academic adviser from the Center for Student Success at least once a semester. As part of that meeting, the student must present an academic plan for approval. 
  4. Notify your academic adviser from the Center for Student Success once a year or by the end of the spring semester, after submitting an academic plan that covers at least two years or through graduation. This plan must be completed using the academic planning function in Student Planning and may be periodically reviewed throughout the year.
  5. Register for courses at the assigned time and accept any available section of a required class that can be accommodated within an appropriate schedule required to stay on track for graduation.
  6. Remain in good academic standing at the University and make sufficient academic progress toward degree completion. For most students, sufficient academic progress includes the completion of at least 31 credits and 25% of all degree requirements each year*. Any variation from this standard should be addressed in the approved academic plan. *double majors may have a higher unit requirement 
  7. Meet with Academic Services and the Center for Student Success as indicated below:
    • First Year: Group meeting with Academic Services.
    • Sophomore and Junior Years: As needed if requested by your academic adviser in the Center for Student Succes in response to your submitted plan.
    • Senior Year: Individual Senior Degree Audit Meeting with your academic adviser in the Center for Student Success.
  8. Make timely annual application for all necessary financial assistance and maintain current payment status with their student account to avoid financial holds barring registration.
  9. Apply to graduate and pay the related fees by the priority deadline: October 1st of the previous year for seniors graduating in May or August; March 1st of the same year for seniors graduating in December.
  10. Notify the Registrar's Office in Academic Services prior to the beginning of classes in any semester if it appears that graduation may be delayed due to course unavailability.

If the student meets all of the conditions of Cal Lutheran’s 4 to Finish program, the University will do the following:

  1. Grant the student in the program registration priority within his or her class level.
  2. If timely graduation will be delayed due to course unavailability, the University may substitute an alternative course if possible. If substitution is not possible, the University may allow the unavailability of coursework to delay graduation. In that case, the University will waive tuition and any mandatory fees for that course(s) at Cal Lutheran for the student in the next academic year.

The University is under no obligation to provide these adjustments unless the student submits a written request for accommodation to Academic Services prior to the end of the registration period, during the semester in which the registration occurs for the future semester. 

The student must agree to the 4 to Finish program as described above.