For Faculty and Staff

CAPS does not directly provide therapy services for permanent employees of Cal Lutheran. We can, however, assist you in finding the appropriate mental health referral. Please contact us at 805-493-3727 to schedule a consultation, or use the Employee Assistance Program.

If you are looking to support a student's mental health, please start with these guides.

Key Resources for Faculty and Staff


Consultations With CAPS

Faculty and staff are key contributors to student success at Cal Lutheran. Our professional staff at CAPS is available to help you navigate student-related or work-related issues. Consultation services are free and available to any academic department, staff or faculty member, or administrative unit.

To schedule a consultation regarding a student of concern, please call our office at 805-493-3727.

Assistance From the CARE Team

You may wish to involve the resources within the CARE Team at Cal Lutheran. The CARE Team serves the university and individual students by arranging, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating, and advocating for students in need of assistance.

To receive assistance from the CARE Team, please email or contact any CARE Team member.

Mental Health Statement for Academic Syllabus

Do you teach a course? CAPS offers the following text for you to use, in whole or in part, for your syllabus:

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at Cal Lutheran recognizes that there are times, especially as a college student, when stressors interfere with academic performance and other aspects of life. CAPS supports students by promoting effective coping to find self-compassion, insight, and purpose. CAPS honors the struggle, empowers connectedness, and cultivates resilience. All CAPS services are completely free and confidential; offering short-term, solution-focused, culturally-affirming services for individual, relationship, and group therapy, as well emergency services, outreach, and consultation.

To schedule a session with CAPS, please call 805-493-3727. For more information about services and resources, visit or follow CAPS on Instagram @CLU_CAPS for more mental health tips and coping skills.

If you are concerned about a friend or peer at Cal Lutheran, please email the Campus Awareness, Referral, and Education (CARE) Team at More information about the CARE Team can be found at