Please review our Pre-Departure Orientation presentation for further details.

After OEA has approved your applicaiton for a program, you will need to complete the following steps. Please note that the process may vary for semester, faculty-led, summer, and winter programs.

  1. Click "Commit" button in your CLU application: Log back into your application and confirm that you are committing to participate. This step formalizes your commitment to your program. If you decide not to commit, please email before the commit deadline.
    NOTE: If you withdraw after the commit deadline, you will need to submit a Withdrawal Form to OEA.
  2. Submit Host Organization Application Now: Submit the host organization application by their deadlines. As students are traveling on different programs, you each have different ways to proceed with these host institution applications. Some may require OEA's separate approval. This is mostly completed online. If host organization requires any in-person approval please stop by our office at CGE.
  3. Apply for or Renew Your Passport NowU.S. citizens who need to apply for a new passport or renew the existing one can visit the State Department’s website to start the process. Regardless of your citizenship status, please ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months after your program ends. It may take up to twelve weeks to obtain your passport after you apply, so please do so immediately or use expedited service. It is your responsibility to obtain a valid passport and visa to participate on your program. If you withdraw or do not participate in your program as a result of your failure to hold a valid passport and visa, Cal Lutheran will not refund any of your Program Fees.
  4. Apply for Your Visa Per Host Organization's Instruction Now: Most students on programs ninety days or longer will need to obtain a visa to go abroad. Please contact your host organization for assistance with your visa application, and start early. OEA can help provide basic guidance for you regarding your visa. That said, as visa regulations change quickly–and vary from country to country, student to student–we recommend that you work with an established visa support provider for the most accurate and efficient assistance. If you would like such support in obtaining your visa, you are welcome to work with one of the following visa providers (or any other provider of your choosing):
    Justin Document  | Travisa
  5. Apply for External Scholarships: Complete scholarship applications by their deadlines. There are many sources of funding out there, so take the time and effort to search and apply!
  6. Complete an Intent to Vacate Form with Residential Life (if applicable): If you currently live on-campus, complete the online Intent to Vacate Form to inform Residence Life that you will be off-campus for a semester. If you end up not traveling on your program, OEA and Residence Life can work with you to identify housing options.
  7. Mandatory Pre-Departure OrientationWe’ll provide you with an RSVP and further details once we finalize all student applications. This event is mandatory, as we’ll discuss policies and procedures, health and safety protocols, and additional information about your program.
  8. Register Your Trip into the CLU Travel RegistryCal Lutheran requires all students to submit their itineraries to the Cal Lutheran Travel Registry. Please note that the system will ask you to submit a Travel Petition. You do not need to do so. Instead, you must upload Study Away Travel Memo in that section of the Registry to continue. We’ll discuss this process more at the upcoming Pre-Departure Orientation.
  9. Prepare your Syllabi & Complete Course Approval FormsComplete Course Approval Formsfor your host program classes in order for your courses to transfer back properly. You may submit additional forms, if needed, to ensure the courses you enroll in are approved.
  10. Complete Career Services' requirements if you intend to take an internship for credit. You may view instructions on the Career Services About Internships page.
  11. Meet with your Primary Doctor & Research on Needed Prescription/Drug Regulations Abroad: All students should discuss any special conditions with their doctors and prepare any necessary prescriptions before their departure. New environments can cause unforeseeable changes in your wellness, and we highly recommend you to meet with your primary doctor before off-campus study. See here for more info.
  12. Check EIIA Insurance Services, your Host Organization Insurance coverage, and Purchase Any Necessary Insurace for Needed Care (especially for Routine Care)EIIA International Travel Program provides broad emergency medical services, trip cancellation coverage, and various other urgent services to all Cal Lutheran students. Please check with your host organization and your primary insurance to see if they provide additional coverage for any routine care while you are off-campus. We highly recommend purchasing supplemental travel insurance for additional coverage, such as lost or stolen luggage.
  13. Register with the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program: This free service for U.S. citizens enables the State Department to contact you if incidents or emergencies arise while you are traveling abroad. You can register online at
  14. Create a communications plan with your family and set expectations: Confirm with your family, friends, and loved ones how you intend to communicate with them while you're traveling. provides resources that can help you develop a communications plan. In many countries, Whatsapp is a great way to stay connected for free using international messaging and video calls. Don't forget to consider time zone differences when checking in!