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International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

The name of this organization is the International City/County Management Association - California Lutheran University (CLU) Student Chapter. All actions, activities, events, and or statements made by the Student Chapter should mirror and adhere to ICMA policies, including the ICMA Code of Ethics. However, CLU's mission, vision, values, and student handbook supersede ICMA policies and the ICMA Code of Ethics. The purpose of this club will be to: ● Bring students together and experience new things that will allow members to step outside of their comfort zone. ● Introduce students to the local government management profession. Establish connections between local government management theories, practices, and applications through tangible and actual examples. ● Familiarize students with ICMA, the premier local government management association, its’ members, resources, and policies.

Leadership Forum For Professional’s Students

The purpose of this club is to Connect and provide leadership knowledge and resources for a holistic educational experience

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary Student Association

The PLTS Student Association seeks to lift up the interests and concerns of all PLTS seminarians; to encourage the full participation of seminarians in the PLTS community; and to affirm the diversity of the Seminarian Body as it enriches the ministry of this institution. For more information, visit the PLTS Student Association website here:

PsyD Student Council

The purpose of the PsyD Student Council shall be to act as a liaison between the student body and the College and University administrations and community; to advise the student body of University information, opportunities and decision-making; and advocate on behalf of California Lutheran University’s Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Degree student body.