Health Insurance

           Did you miss the " Understanding your Health Insurance" Workshop? Find the recording here.

With few exceptions, all international and exchange students will be billed through student accounts for health insurance on either a yearly, semester, or term basis. For questions or concerns, contact our insurance Sr. Account Manager, Brenda McBride at or call O: (310) 826-5688 | D: (310) 405-0671.

All new international and exchange students are required to enroll in medical health insurance coverage while being an F-1/J-1 student at Cal Lutheran and will be billed through student accounts for health insurance on either a yearly, semester, or term basis. Please visit your Cal Lutheran Health Insurance webpage to review your health insurance information.

Cal Lutheran Health Insurance policy 2023-2024 is with CIGNA. Please note that your coverage starts on 08/01/2023 (for undergraduate and graduate students in the 15-week program), 08/24/2023 (for graduate students in the 11-week program), and 09/01/2023 (for PLTS students). If you are planning on arriving earlier than this date (but still within 30 days of your program start date on your I-20), you must secure health insurance coverage (own policy) and should contact Student Insurance, Brenda McBride at

HEALTH INSURANCE IDENTIFICATION CARDS:  Your health insurance ID Card is available through the Cal Lutheran Health Insurance webpage. You will receive your CIGNA member ID number via email. If you do not have your CIGNA member ID number yet AND you need to seek medical treatment, contact Student Insurance at (800) 367-5830 and/or send a note to and request for it to be sent again.

Email:  to request dependent and OPT health insurance coverage.

Cal Lutheran has partnered with TimelyCare to offer virtual health and wellbeing services for students. Through either a mobile app or internet website, TimelyCare provides 24/7 access to virtual care from anywhere in the United States at no cost. To learn more, please visit TimelyCare/Callutheran.

In case of an on- or off-campus medical emergency, you need to call 911. Did you know that Cal Lutheran has health services such as couseling, therapy, and wellness resources available for all students on campus?

Learn more about our Health Services 

 Click on the video below to learn more about your health insurance account with CIGNA 
  • Navigating CIGNA's website
  • Your representative's contact information
  • International student plan summary 
  • How to download and your ID card
  • Finding a doctor/facility in network
  • Setting up your health insurance account