Becoming who you are. Cultivating what you do.

Starting Points

Across the many to-do's of daily life in college, it is not always easy to get into a frame of mind that is receptive to new perspectives on vocation and purpose.

Fortunately, the student experience at Cal Lutheran presents many opportunities to pause and reflect on these deeper tenets of your identity. No matter how you begin your journey, you are encouraged to start where you are.

Consider these tips from people at Cal Lutheran who have walked the road before you:
  • Embrace deep thinking. There are many Campus Resources at Cal Lutheran to help you connect with your deeper self. While you don't need to use every service, explore the ones that seem most useful to you.
  • Ask questions. Don't be afraid to seek answers to questions that you may not have previously considered. Every individual is on a personal journey on their own unique timeline — engaging in the self-discovery process is what counts the most.
  • Get involved beyond the classroom. University life includes many activities beyond taking classes, and they are essential to your development as a holistic human. Involve yourself in anything that inspires you, and try new things at the beginning of each year.
  • Find a healthy perpective. In this important time of life, you are finding your voice and your inspiration. Stay open to signs that help you chart your future direction, but don't get too caught up in future goals to lose sight of your sense of balance.
  • Step back and be patient. Don't put any extra pressure on yourself to come up with solid answers right away. Be your own self-advocate by appreciating the many nuances of life's situations. The messy "gray space" of life's uncertanties can be challenging to navigate in the moment, but will clear with time and contemplation.