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Course Schedule

Courses in the Executive MBA program are offered year-round through eight terms that are eight weeks in length each. The program is designed to be completed in less than 2 years.

Each term pairs an online course with an on campus couse:

  • Online courses run the full eight weeks
  • On campus courses are offered in a compressed format; students meet over two weekends
  • Professional & Personal Development (EMBA 513) is accessed at three points throughout the program.

Sample Calendar for a cohort starting in Fall:


Fall Cohort

October - December
EMBA 508: Negotiations & Conflict Management
EMBA 520: Executive Business Immersion

Jan - Feb

EMBA 502: Strategic Decision Making for High Performance
EMBA 505: People Management
EMBA 513: Professional & Personal Development

March - May

EMBA 501: Ethical & Legal Practices
EMBA 506: Marketing Management for Executives

June - August

EMBA 503: Organizational Design
EMBA 512: Innovation & Organizational Entrepreneurship

August - October

EMBA 504: Finance for Executives
EMBA 514: Global Supply Chain Management
EMBA 513: Professional & Personal Development

October - December

EMBA 510: Global Economics
EMBA 509: Information Systems for Executives

January - February

EMBA 511: Project Management
EMBA 500: Strategy Development in a Global Context

March - May

EMBA 513: Professional & Personal Development 
EMBA 599: Final Project (Travel)