Test-Optional Policy

California Lutheran University is Test-Optional. Students seeking undergraduate admission are not required to submit standardized testing as a component of their application process. 

This test optional policy aligns with the Office of Undergraduate Admission and its longstanding practice of holistic admissions. With an emphasis on student equity and access, the focus of evaluation will be based academic achievement, curriculum and rigor. This is further contextualized by letters of recommendation, access to resources and involvement beyond the classroom. The review process will also give consideration of the impact of an individual’s environment, community engagement and their ability to demonstrate success as a potential student at Cal Lutheran.

How to Apply Test-Optional   

On the Common Application for Cal Lutheran, you will have the option to indicate if you wish for your test scores to be considered as part of your application.

If you indicate “No. I am applying test-optional,” we will not consider your ACT or SAT scores in your application review, regardless of how they are reported. For example, if you choose to apply test optional and will not be submitting test scores, and your scores appear on your high school transcript or in the self-reported score section of the Common Application, they will not be reviewed in the admission process. International students applying as test-optional will be contacted to complete an interview with an admission counselor.

You can change your Test-Optional status if your application has not been officially reviewed. Contact the Office of Admission to inquire about your application.

Admission Scholarships

Regardless of test score submission, all students will be considered for admission scholarships up to $30,000, renewable annually. Students may also qualify for our Public Price Promise and Visual and Performing Arts Scholarships. View Scholarships

How to Submit Test Scores

Students are still welcome to submit standardized testing if they believe it is an indication of their academic ability. They can either be submitted directly from ACT or College Board or using the Test score Form found in the Cal Lutheran application portal by the application deadline. Scores posted on the high school transcript or in the Common Application self-report section will not be considered.

  • Cal Lutheran ACT code: 0183
  • Cal Lutheran SAT code: 4088

Please note that your application will be considered complete once you have submitted all required materials and may be reviewed by our Admissions Committee even if your ACT/SAT scores have not been received.

Cal Lutheran's Test-Optional Policy is subject to change at the discretion of the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I indicate that I want to apply without submitting test scores?

When completing your Common Application, indicate that you want to apply as test optional.

Can I change my mind after submitting my application?

Yes, but only if you contact us to update your test-optional status before your application has been officially reviewed.

What if I don’t want my test scores considered, but they are submitted by a testing agency or posted on my transcripts?

As long as you indicate on your application that you are applying test optional, we will not use scores when reviewing your file.

If I apply test optional, will I still be considered for merit based aid and institutional scholarships?

Yes. All applicants are considered for most merit based and institutional scholarships.

Does this policy apply to transfer students?

No. Transfer students with less than 30 units are required to submit official high school transcripts and official transcripts for all college institutions attended.

Transfer students with more than 30 units will be evaluated on their college performance only.

Will Cal Lutheran superscore across test dates?

Yes. If you have taken the SAT or ACT more than once, we will take the highest scores you earned in each section. 

Do you allow self reported test scores?

Yes, you can submit self-reported scores using the Test Score Form found in your Cal Lutheran application portal. We do not accept self-reported scores from the Common Application or transcripts. Enrolling students who were admitted with self-reported scores will be required to verify those scores by submitting an official score report prior to starting classes.