Spring Admission Policy

Due to the level of interested applicants, students who apply for admission for fall term, may be offered admission for the subsequent spring semester.

As part of the Spring Admission program, please note the following policies:

  • Although not required, a student admitted for the spring term is encouraged to enroll part time at a local community college in the fall to work on general education requirements.
  • Students who choose to enroll in college level courses part time, must agree to the following:
    • Students cannot enroll full time – they must be enrolled in less than 12 units
    • Students are encouraged to visit our articulation website to see which courses are transferable
    • Students must receive a 2.5 or higher GPA their fall semester
    • Students must submit official college transcripts once fall grades are posted
  • Students must submit final high school transcripts once diploma is posted.
  • If a student enrolls full time at another university, they will be required to reapply and be reconsidered for admission as a transfer student.