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Program Evaluation Through An Equity & Social Justice Lens

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

9:00 am - 11:00 am
Virtual Workshop via Zoom

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About this event

This workshop is being co-convened by CLU Center For Nonprofit Leadership, The Fund For Santa Barbara and the McCune Foundation.

Organizational leaders know the importance of assessing the impact they have on the communities they serve, but are often at a loss about how to do so. This foundational workshop is for organizational leaders in the philanthropy space who wish to engage in program evaluation, but wish to do so in an intentional manner that honors and embraces inclusivity. Inclusivity demands intentionality and crafting a data gathering strategy to assess your organization's impact.  The inclusive evaluation framework presented in this workshop goes beyond the numbers and accounts for the intangible impact organizations have in their communities. Through its application, leaders may better communicate their value to funding sources and the public.

This workshop will walk attendees through an inclusive framework that will help guide their program evaluation efforts and navigate the challenges they'll encounter in the various phases of the evaluation process. Attendees will walk away with a clear program evaluation strategy that aligns with their organization's mission and considers current resources available to them.

  • Participants will differentiate between standard frameworks of evaluation and the inclusive framework presented in this workshop.
  • Participants will have an opportunity to evaluate their current program evaluation efforts against the integrative model presented.
  • Participants will explore designing a data gathering strategy based on the inclusive framework of evaluation presented.

Level:  Intro / Intermediate

Target Audience:  Executive Directors / CEOs, Program Directors, Program Committee Board Leaders, Funding Consultants

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Gina Vanegas, Ph.D.

Dr. Gina Vanegas is an experienced speaker, consultant and qualitative researcher who is passionate about supporting organizations in their quest to create healthy and inclusive work environments while maximizing enterprise value. She enables organizations to intentionally establish healthy and inclusive environments and program impact through her expertise in the areas of assessment & evaluation, engagement, social justice, and psychology. Her methodology utilizes scientific principles in an approachable way that provide concrete solutions.

Gina is passionate about amplifying the voices of individuals not typically heard through the use of inclusive approaches to data gathering. She has extensive training and experience utilizing qualitative methodologies in ways that are empowering to individuals who participate in the process.

Dr. Vanegas holds a Ph.D., in Counseling Psychology from University of California, Santa Barbara. As a scholar, she has co- authored several publications and presented her research on access & utilization patterns of social services among underserved communities at various professional conferences including the American Psychological Association, the National Latinx Psychological Association, and the Interamerican Congress of Psychology.

In the public sector, Gina helps organizations strategically allocate their resources and attract funding by better conveying the impactful work through data. In the corporate arena, she utilizes her expertise in qualitative data analysis and social justice to help organizations improve their workplace culture. She also leverages her education and expertise working with the Latinx community to share impactful information with audiences about the rich diversity that exists among the Latinx community, cultural values and norms, and access & utilization patterns of the Latinx community in social services.