Traditional Undergraduate Students

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Annual Cost of Attendance for 2024-2025

The following chart estimates the total costs of attending Cal Lutheran as an undergraduate student.

Cost of Attendance for Fall 2024 — Spring 2025
  On-Campus With Parent(s) 
Tuition* $51,750 $51,750 $51,750
ASCLU Fee $280 $280 $280
Technology Fee $280 $280 $280
Wellness Fee $250 $250 $250
Housing/Food (Room and Board) $16,810** $11,493 $22,086
BookPass Textbook Program $420 $420 $420
Course Materials and Supplies $514 $514 $514
Transportation $1,233 $1,791 $1,962
Personal Expenses $3,213 $4,059 $4,968
Loan Fees $66 $66 $66
Total $74,816 $70,903 $82,576

* Tuition is based on full-time enrollment, 12-18 credits per semester at $1,675 per credit.

** The costs above reflect the standard housing and 19/week meal plan. The actual cost varies by housing and meal plan selection. The average cost for housing and meals (21 meals/week) for the prior year was $18,002.

NOTE: Tuition and Fees are paid directly to Cal Lutheran. If living on-campus, Room and Board are also paid directly to the university. Cost figures are subject to annual increase.

Housing and Meal Plan Costs

* All costs are subject to change without notice. The University reserves the right to change, delete or add to this pricing schedule as deemed appropriate.


Additional Information

Tuition is assessed in Fall and Spring semesters

Tuition is assessed each semester for the number of enrolled credits. Mandatory, non-refundable fees (e.g., ASCLU Fee, Technology Fee and Wellness Fee) are assessed each semester for students enrolled in one or more credits. Payments are made directly to Cal Lutheran. For students receiving all or part of their instruction by means of distance education, no distinction will be made with respect to the mode of instruction in determining costs.

Payments must be submitted on time

It is very important that students pay costs on time, as assessed. Transcripts and diploma will not be released for any student who has an outstanding balance owed to Cal Lutheran. Visit our Payment Options page for more information.

How to appeal

Students who wish to have educational or living expenses above and beyond Cal Lutheran's standard Cost of Attendance considered by the Office of Financial Aid must submit a Cost of Attendance Appeal Form. Actual expenses like the purchase of a computer, study abroad, or dependent care expenses may be included in the appeal along with supporting documentation (invoice/receipt).

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator provides an early approximation of what a first-year, undergraduate student can expect to pay at Cal Lutheran, including average financial aid packages.