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Writing Center

Writing workshops, CBEST tutoring, as well as online and in-person consultations for undergraduate and graduate students are all available through the Writing Center.

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Math Center

Math-centered workshops include math topics, time management, and study skills. In addition, online and in-person consultations for undergraduate students are all available through the Math Center.

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Lending Libraries

Lending libraries are offered in partnership with the Pearson Library.

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Future Teachers Network

The Future Teachers Network (FTN) provides activities and materials primarily for, but not limited to, Latina/o/x and other underrepresented students to explore teaching pathways. Through the Teacher Talks Series, view on-demand interviews with educators and administrators.

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Learn more about becoming a teacher and get connected with additional resources to earn your credential, receive financial aid, and more.

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EDU|CAL on Instagram

Find out about upcoming events, opportunities, and the latest happenings by connecting with us on Instagram @clueducalprogram.

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At, you will find information for first-generation students, the process of getting into college, and the steps to becoming a teacher. You’ll also be able to access a collection of resources to support your journey. 

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