Academic Assessment

Cal Lutheran helps each student pursue their passions to discover their purpose, and follow that purpose to transform their community — and the world. Through academic program assessment, faculty and administrators focus on the quality of academic programs and the learning experience of students. Academic program assessment facilitates continuous program level quality improvement by providing information that can be used to make programmatic changes. With our outcome based approach, programs are able to determine the suitability of student learning outcomes to their field of study and also assess the level of success in accomplishing these outcomes.

At Cal Lutheran, all academic programs engage in assessment during the Assessment Cycle that runs from September 1 to August 31. Programs continuously review their programmatic mission to ensure alignment with Cal Lutheran’s mission, clearly define the Program Learning Outcomes (what the program intends to accomplish), and identify Student and Course Learning Outcomes (the skills a student will be able to demonstrate upon successful completion of a course). 

At the beginning of each academic year,  academic programs work with their faculty to create an assessment plan that details a minimum of two Program Learning Outcomes to be assessed, the methodology applied, and individuals responsible for steering the assessment process. At the end of the assessment cycle, programs submit evidences of their findings and how assessment results are utilized to achieve continuous improvement.

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