Administrative Assessment

Administrative units engage in the assessment process with the focus on sustaining excellence, setting goals for continuous improvement and educational effectiveness, and determining the extent to which these goals are achieved. Administrative units are identified based on current Vice President operational areas, and each unit is expected to consider the alignment of their goal to the Cal Lutheran mission, values, and strategic plan. Administrative units engage in assessment activities during the Assessment Cycle that runs from September 1 to August 31. Units continuously review their operational mission to ensure alignment with Cal Lutheran’s mission, identify measurable unit goals and objectives, and lay out methods of assessing effectiveness of the goals in a clearly defined assessment plan.

At the beginning of the assessment cycle, administrative units work with staff to create an assessment plan that details a minimum of two goals to be assessed, the methodology applied, and individuals responsible for steering the assessment process. At the end of the assessment cycle, operational units submit evidences of their findings and how assessment results are utilized to achieve continuous improvement.

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