Meet the Team


 Vice President of Talent, Culture and Diversity

Colleen Windham-Hughes, PhD, MDiv

 Associate Vice President for Mission and Identity
  (805) 493-3330

Lorena Muñoz, PhD

 Interim Chief Diversity Officer / Associate Professor and Director of Ethnic and Race Studies

Eduardo Salaz

 Interim Associate Vice President for Human Resources
 (805) 493-3177

Rev. Scott Hamilton Adams

 University Pastor
 (805) 493-3230

Maria Guadalupe Thayer, MBA

 Director, Hispanic-Serving Institution Initiatives and DEIJ Programs; Director, STEAM Program & ASCENSO Hispanic Fellowship
 (805) 493-3065

Dulce Gallardo, MBA

 Communications and Events Manager for Talent, Culture and Diversity
 (805) 493-3544

Angel Rodriguez

 Executive Assistant for Talent, Culture and Diversity
 (805) 493-3589

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

Raymond Pickett

 (510) 559-2710

Sara Wilson

 Director of Seminary Stewardship
 (510) 559-2717