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Non-Profit Internship Program

test The “4A Cause” Experiential Learning Internship Program gives students the opportunity to work with a nonprofit organization or a community service department that they feel passionate about helping. Organization causes are in the areas: homelessness prevention, social justice, youth services, public policy, environmental, mental health, healthcare, education, and more.

This program provides students with new skills essential to career development, along with a new understanding of community efforts going on. Students receive training called Classroom to Career on how to be effective in the workplace, Students are able to build their resumes and their connections, while learning more about advocacy in the surrounding community. 

The program lasts at least 12 weeks, with a minimum of 10 hours required each week. Most interns work 10-12 hours a week. Internships are unpaid but we often receive grant funding to offer paid stipends. The best part of htis is there is no resume or cover letter is needed. These internships are all entry-level and the employers are open to all majors. Students only need to complete a simple application found in the Document Library in or see info. below for more options.

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted year round. Matches are made in June/July each year. To request a Student or Employer Application email Cindy Lewis, Executive Director of Career Services at

Current and Past Participants