Undergraduate Student Accounts

At the start of each semester you are required to gain financial clearance on your student account from the Business Office to keep any pre-registered classes for the upcoming semester.

How to Gain Financial Clearance

Follow these steps to view your online Pre-Bill, Payment Contract and CLUpay to gain financial clearance.

  1. View Your Pre-Bill on WebAdvisor in MyCLU
    • Log into MyCLU, select WebAdvisor, Students, and then Pre-Bill in the Student Accounts section.
    • Only you have access to WebAdvisor, so be sure to share your Balance Due information with other responsible paying parties, if appropriate. Use this total to help complete your Payment Contract.
    • Select the appropriate term, student type, and click the acknowledgment box.

    Go to MyCLU

  2. Verify and Print Your E-Bill
    • Verify tuition, fees, room, and board charges are accurate.
    • Verify that you have “Accepted” all the financial aid awards you want credited to your student Estimated awards do not reduce your amount due.
    • Note the Balance Due to Cal Lutheran and print your Pre-Bill.
    • For questions on tuition and fees charges, contact Student Accounts at (805) 493-3180.
    • For questions on room and board charges, contact Residence Life at (805) 493-3220.
    • For questions on loans, grants, and scholarships, contact Financial Aid at (805) 493-3115.
  3. Submit Your Payment Contract
    • Click on the Payment Contract link in WebAdvisor, fill out the form and submit.
    • Option 1 establishes Financial Clearance only if the Balance Due to Cal Lutheran reflects a zero or credit balance.
    • Option 2 establishes Financial Clearance when your payment for the Balance Due to Cal Lutheran is received by the Student Accounts Office.
    • Option 3 establishes Financial Clearance after successfully enrolling in an automatic payment plan for the Balance Due to Cal Lutheran.

    Submit Payment Contract

  4. Follow Through on Your Selected Payment Option
    • Pay by check or cash at the Student Accounts front desk in the Business Office.
    • Pay online using CLUpay.
    • View all payment options