Student Conduct Process

Please review the following flow chart to understand the steps in the Student Conduct process at California Lutheran University.

1) Documentation Occurs

  • A documentation means that a suspected policy violation has been reported to the Residence Life & Student Conduct office. All involved students will be notified via email regarding the documentation. At this point in time, a decision has not been made regarding a student's role in the documentation.

2) Call to Conduct Letter

  • Students are notified via email within one week of their documentation. The Call to Conduct Letter informs the student of the alleged policy violations as well as who the conduct officer is that is hearing the case. Students are encouraged to schedule a conduct meeting. Scheduling deadlines will be outlined in the Call to Conduct letter.

3) Conduct Meeting

  • All involved students in a documentation will meet with their conduct officer, each meeting will be confidential. Graduate Resident Directors and Residence Life Staff members serve as conduct officers. Students will have the opportunity to discuss the incident and the alleged policy violations. The conduct officer will then make a decision.

4) The Decision

  • Students may be found RESPONSIBLE or NOT RESPONSIBLE for violating University policies. Students will be notified via email as to whether or not they're responsible for violating a policy. Responsibility findings are determined for each individual student.

5) "Not Resposible" OR "Responsible"

  • When a student is found "not responsible" that means that the conduct officer has determined that the student has not violated University policy. Students that are found not responsible will be notified via email.

  • When a student is found "responsible" that means that the conduct officer has determined that the student has violated University policy. Students will be assigned sanctions to complete, the sanctions and their deadlines will be detailed in the decision letter which is delivered via email. Students that do not complete their sanctions may be charged an additional fee.

The Appeal Process

  • All students have the right to appeal the decision made by their conduct officer, appeals must be submitted to the Dean of Students office within 5 business days of receiving their decision letter. The appeal will be heard by the University Hearing Board. Sanctions will be put on hold when a decision is appealed. The appeal process is detailed in the Student Handbook.