Terms & Definitions

Administrative Hearing

A meeting between a student involved in an incident and the Vice President for Student Affairs or one of his or her designees, typically referred to as a conduct officer.

University Hearing Board (UHB)

A board comprised of at least four current students, five administrators, and four faculty members with the purpose of hearing appeals regarding decisions of responsibility in administrative hearings.  A minimum of 3 board members are present for every UHB hearing.


The consequence assigned to a student upon finding of responsibility in an incident. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, policy reviews, reflection papers, online education courses, and probation or suspension statuses.

Student Life Fine

A fine assessed to a student's account when a sanction is not fulfilled within the specified time frame.

Conduct Hold

A hold placed on a student's account (limiting registration and other capabilities) when a sanction is not fulfilled within the specified time frame.

Call to Hearing Letter

A letter from Student Conduct alerting a student that they have been documented for a violation of University Policy, and informing them of how and when to make an appointment for an administrative hearing.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, a federal law meant to protect a student's rights. Learn more...