Meet the Tour Guides



Guissell Martinez '23

Home Town: Ojai, CA
Major:Film and Television and Spanish

Favorite place on campus: Jack's Corner

"CLU is a great school it has a little bit of everything you will need. The Professors and Staff genuinely care about us students and the community so much and will go the extra mile to make sure you have the best experience at school; because the school has such a strong sense of community you are not just a number to them but someone who they will remember and create genuine connections with!"

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Hailey Ponchione '24

Home Town: El Cerrito, CA
Major: Film and Television 

Favorite place on campus: TV Studio in Spies-Bornemann Center for Education and Technology

"CLU is a small, diverse, and welcoming community where you can get a good education and make great friends."

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Jacqueline Mendez '24

Home Town: Pacoima, CA
Major:Business Adminstration
Emphasis: Management

Favorite place on campus: Starbucks
Favorite CLU Activity: Let It Snow

"CLU is honestly a place where everyone from different background is welcomed. I find CLU to be my second home or my home away from home. Everyone is welcoming, gives positive vibes, and is always there for everyone."

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Jordan Sanchez '23

Home Town: Ewa Beach, HI

Favorite place on campus: Pearson Library

"CLU is a small and friendly campus!"

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Karla Guzman '25

Home Town: Oxnard, CA
Major:Criminology and Criminal Justice and Psychology

Favorite place on campus: The Student Support Services House

"A welcoming new environment, that really creates an amazing connection between students and staff."

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Laura Flores Arambula '25

Home Town: Carpinteria, CA

Favorite place on campus:The Student Support Services House
Favorite CLU Activity: Improv

"Cal Lutheran is such a welcoming place where everyone can feel that they belong. No matter where you go, you will always find a familiar face who is always willing to say hello!"

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Lauren Ormiston '24

Home Town: Puyallup, WA
Business Adminstration

Favorite place on campus:The Residence Halls

"There is nothing better than having a well-rounded support system, and that is exactly what I found at Cal Lutheran. Every staff and faculty member helps me achieve my goals and become a well-rounded individual, whether they work in the dining hall or teach in the classroom. CLU is the exact definition of community."

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Mia Deck '24

Home Town: Highland Ranch, CO
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Law and Public Policy

Favorite place on campus:Gilbert Sports & Fitness Center

"CLU is a tight knit community with lots of educational and recreational opportunities"




Victoria Sanchez '23

Home Town: Baldwin Park, CA
Major:  Criminology and Criminal Justice

Favorite place on campus:Jack's Corner and Kingsmen Park

"CLU is a welcoming community of people the student come to develop friendships with. There are always events going on that allow a student to meet others that have similar interests as them. As a smaller campus, it makes us much easier to socialize with many people, especially in classrooms, as the student ends up having classes with people that could end up becoming close friends!"

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Wendy Carrillo Garcia '23

Home Town: Fillmore, CA
Major:Sociology and Spanish

Favorite place on campus:The Student Support Services House

"CLU is one big family where you will make great friendships and never feel alone. There is so many ways to get involved that lead to great opportunities and amazing bonds that get created."

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