Administration & Staff

Tim Hengst headshot
Timothy C. Hengst, M.A.

Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
(805) 493-3555

Associate Deans

Dr. Chad Barber
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
(805) 493-3873

Greg Freeland

Dr. Andrea Sell

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Research, and Creative Scholarship 
(805) 493-3781

Dr. Colleen Windham-Hughes

Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Programs and Community Outreach
(805) 493-3238 

 lorena munoz
Dr. Lorena Muñoz

Associate Dean for Equity, Inclusion & Engagement
(805) 493-3234 


Specialty Programs within the College

University Honors Program

Visit the University Honors Program website

Dr. Bryan Rasmussen

University Honors Program Director
(805) 493-3745

Abdelsayed, Michael
Michael Abdelsayed

University Honors Program Associate Director
(825) 493-3367


Brenda Solis

Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator & Bilingual Writing Specialist
(805) 493-3634 


Scott Chiu

Writing Center Director
(805) 493-3785


Math Lab Specialist

Title V Grant Programs

Project CHESS

Visit Project CHESS

Dr. Silvia Neves

CHESS Project Director
(805) 493-3090

Project EDU|CAL

Visit Project EDU|CAL

Dr. Gabriela Cázares 

EDU|CAL Project Director
(805) 493-3933


EDU|CAL Program Coordinator
(805) 493-3731

College of Arts & Sciences Administrative Staff


Jana Weber

College Services Manager
(805) 493-3014

Aspeitia, Adriana
Adriana Aspeitia

Administrative Coordinator, COAS
(805) 493-3803

Melissa Marquez
Melissa Marquez

Administrative Coordinator, Assistant to the Dean
(805) 493-3015

Krista Sweet

Administrative Assistant, Social Sciences
(805) 493-3450

Susannah Ruth

Administrative Assistant, Music 
(805) 493-3305

karla wells
Karla Wells

Administrative Assistant, Natural Sciences
(805) 493-3342

Socorro, Aguirre
Socorro Aguirre

Environmental Health & Safety Officer/Lab Manager
(805) 493-3393

Grace Cornejo

Chem Lab Technician
(805) 493-3071

pena, brian
Brian Pena

Biology Lab Technician
(805) 493-3097