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The School of Management People(s) of Color Graduate Student Scholarship 

Applications accepted December 15, 2022 to January 7, 2023

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Purpose Statement

The School of Management at California Lutheran University is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging future leaders of color worldwide and empowering people(s) of color to change the world. This scholarship is a commitment to always recognize this underserved community by providing an educational opportunity.

Who Qualifies for this Scholarship/Applicant Requirements

Domestic persons of color who are applying to attend California Lutheran University’s School of Management or are already enrolled in one of the School of Management Graduate Programs. These programs include:

  • EMBA (Executive MBA)
  • MBA
  • MBA FP
  • MPPA
  • MSIT
  • MSM
  • MSQE

*A person of color or people(s) of color includes individuals who are not white. 

*Domestic refers to citizens and permanent residents of the United States.

Eligible individuals cannot already be receiving funds for tuition from another outside source (i.e., their employer or veteran benefits).

Scholarship Amounts/Application of Scholarship

Each year the number of scholarships awarded and their amounts will vary depending upon the amount of funds raised. Awards will be presented as follows:

  • Scholarship to go to two (2) persons of color who are currently graduate students or who are applying to attend one of California Lutheran University’s School of Management graduate programs in 2023 (more details below).
  • The amount of each scholarship for 2023 will be $2,500 ($5,000 total) with some funds (approximately $1,000) held in reserve. This fits the university requirement of “scholarships not to exceed the cost of tuition for any given term. ”As some graduate students choose to take only one course a term (attend ½ time), the scholarship amount ($2,500) is slightly less than the tuition for one graduate course.
  • Applicants cannot receive funding from additional outside sources (i.e., their employer or veteran benefits)
  • Scholarships will be applied directly to a selected individual’s tuition for the next/following term (either the Spring or Summer term) after confirmation by the Financial Aid office (via Student Accounts) that selected individuals are not receiving any additional funding from any other outside source.
  • If a selected individual does not enroll in classes for the next/following term after being awarded a scholarship, the Financial Aid office will cancel the scholarship from the student’s aid offer and funds will be returned to the scholarship fund.
  • Funds collected but not awarded will roll over to the next distribution cycle.

Application Guidelines

  • Applicants must be individuals enrolled in or applying to one of the School of Management Graduate  Programs
  • Applications available through the School of Management webpage 
  • Applications accepted December 15, 2022 to January 7, 2023
  • An individual can apply multiple times but can only receive one (1) scholarship (one application per application cycle) 
  • Scholarships are NOT renewable.

Application Process

Individuals are to complete the Application Form on Google Forms. Information to include:

  • Statement/essay about “How do you intend to utilize your education to carry out the concepts and practices of DEIJ in the future?”
  • Length – 500-550 words
  • Applicant should be willing to have a bio or statement posted on Cares Day event page (if desired, their name may be excluded)
  • It is expected (but not required) that scholarship recipients agree to promote this scholarship within one year after receiving their scholarship. 

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