Forward Together

SOM Experiential Learning


Learning doesn’t happen in the classroom alone! Applied content and experiential learning are very important to the School of Management. Not only do many of our professors and adjunct instructors have industry experience that they draw from in their teaching, but we also offer several opportunities for co-curricular and extra-curricular learning,


Whether students find them through the University’s Career Services department or direct contacts at the School of Management, they have the opportunity to land internships in their area of interest for credit.


The School of Management hosts several competitions, including the CFA Challenge, the New Venture Fair, PRiME (Principles for Responsible Management Education), and the Sports Management Sustainable Goals competition. We also supports students in the participation of others.

Study Abroad

The University’s Office of Education Abroad offers life-changing short-term and long-term study abroad opportunities, and the School of Management frequently arrangesshort-term travel courses.


From our Entrepreneur Speaker Series to the Dean’s Executive Fireside Chats, the School of Management hosts many events throughout the year to learn from the best and expand networks outside of the classroom.

Clubs and Associations

Several clubs at the School of Management offer engagement opportunities for students and their peers while going the extra mile in their education.

Field Trips (Business School on Rails)

Once a year, the School of Management and 40-50 students hop on a train for the “Business School on Rails” field trip, where students can experience leading companies and engage with their senior leaders.

Executive Roundtable

A capstone alternative course for graduate students and highly qualified undergraduate students, this special course brings leading guest speakers to the classroom for engaged discussions with students.

SOM Ambassadors

SOM Ambassadors is a student group that assists the School of Management in its promotional outreach while helping them to acquire key social media skills.

Applied Consultancy Projects

Many of our courses have these applied components, where students work on projects for companies or non-profit organizations.