Lord of Life

The church on campus.

The Lord of Life community of faith is known on campus in two ways.  First, Lord of Life is the 'church' or Lutheran congregation on campus.  Secondly, the Lord of Life students create and direct the activities of the Lord of Life faith comunity.

The Lord of LIfe faith community is centered in the love and grace of Jesus Christ, prompting actions of welcome. Welcoming is our goal, and all people, regardless, are welcome in this place.

This community of faith recognizes our unity in Jesus Christ, Baptism as a sign of God's covenant with God's people, Holy Communion as the meal that provides forgiveness and hope, God's word as the anchor of our daily living, and a desire to witness, learn, and serve the whole of the CLU community. 

We seek to be God's instruments in the world, acknowledging that it is God's work, our hands. Sunday night worship is a hallmark of the community accented by a variety of service, fellowship, and fun learning activities. 

God's people drawn to be sent out.
We proclaim the gospel. We share the sacrament.
You go. You tell. You serve in the name of Jesus.

Of students.
By students.
For students.
All, of course, are welcome!

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Kyrie Fairbairn

Emma Janzen
Vice President


Rev. Mark Holmerud

Jessica Helms

Job Descriptions

The Lord of Life Church Council is seeking students to be God’s instruments in God’s world and leaders of the Christian community on campus.  The Church Council has regularly scheduled meetings.  It is important that Council Members are routinely active in Worship, regularly involved in activities led by Lord of Life, and fulfill the responsibility associated with the position. 

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