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All Gender Clothing Swap

About Program

The All Gender Clothing Swap began in fall of 2022 as an initiative that provides gender-affirming clothes for community members who are exploring/questioning their gender identity or beginning the process of transitioning. Since it's establishment, it has grown to encourage affordable and sustainable fashion on campus for all students and community members. Though it is called a swap, students do not have to leave any clothing articles behind to take what they need. 

Clothing donated to the swap must be laundered, stain free, and undamaged (functional buttons and zippers). Please do not donate any undergarments, shoes, or accessories. Only shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, and outerwear (i.e. jackets) will be accepted into the swap. This is to ensure a safe and sanitary swap experience for all.

Schedule and Location

The All Gender Clothing Swap is located in the CCEI space, on the second floor of the Student Union. The clothing swap can be accessed any time that the CCEI space is open. Donations can be dropped off in the wicker hamper, and new (to you!) clothing can be found in the blue cabinet under the T.V. and hanging on the bottom levels of the brown shelves. 


              A clothing exchange wherein students have the opportunities to exchange their clothing for clothing they need and will use.   Don't have anything to swap? No problem! You can still take what you need.   The closet provides FREE clothing exchange for all students.