Alcohol and Other Drug Use

It might seem that drugs and alcohol help diminish the feeling of stress, but when drugs and alcohol are used as the solution to ongoing feelings of stress and pressure, they can create additional problems, mood disturbances and physical depletion.

On this page, we provide information on alcohol/drug use, addiction and recovery resources.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

College students may find themselves exposed to a variety of new experiences while pursuing their studies and developing their social groups. For some, this may lead to interactions with drugs and alcohol. Our friends at have compiled a comprehensive guide to common drug and alcohol experiences on campus.

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California Lutheran University is an educational community committed to fostering a safe and healthy educational environment that promotes student success. All members of the university community are responsible for contributing to a healthy campus culture that supports students who do not use alcohol as well as students who use alcohol responsibly. 

See Residential Alcohol Permit Process


A person may seem to make a voluntary choice to try a drug or begin a type of behavior, but a variety of genetic and environmental factors may influence those decisions. Often, irresponsible alcohol and drug use may lead to addictive experiences.


Are you concerned about the behavior of a friend or loved one? If you're looking to begin a conversation about their concerning behavior, follow the link below to find a wealth of information from our friends at


Alcohol Awareness

Know Your Limits



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Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana Addiction

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