Box Programs

Want to deliver a wellness-related program to your students, but don’t know where to start? Stop by Wellness Resources and check out our Box Programs — they’re entire wellness programs with everything you need, all in one box!

Features of Box Programs:
  • Perfect for Resident Assistants, Peer Advisors, faculty, or anyone wishing to deliver a program to Cal Lutheran students.
  • All programs include an engaging activity and debrief questions to stimulate learning.
  • We also offer several “drunk goggles” — these are modified goggles that simulate the sensation of drug or alcohol impairment, for you to use in your own program design!

Drug and Alcohol Box Programs

Drug and Alcohol Quiz

Illustration of bingo pieces

The purpose of this activity is to teach the students about drug & alcohol consumption as well as the dangers of engaging in activities (driving and sex) while intoxicated.

Drug Education Bingo

The purpose of this activity is to explore drug education with a more interesting approach through the use of bingo cards. This program is designed to be both fun and educational! It will help students better understand the importance of responsible drug use, make them more aware of the importance of drug education, safety, and the consequences of drug use.

Drunk Goggles: Alcohol Impairment Simulation

This activity is designed to visually demonstrate the effects of alcohol on one’s motor skills and coordination. It is not a challenge but rather an educational activity to show the impairing impact of alcohol on an individual's ability to perform basic tasks, like walking in a straight line, drawing, or stacking cups. By using specially designed goggles to simulate varying levels of blood alcohol content, this game aims to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol impairment and promote responsible drinking habits among participants.

Sexual Orientation Box Programs

Experiential Learning: The Coming Out Process

Icon of a heart

This box program is designed to create experiential learning opportunity for students, allowing them to better understand the challenges and reactions faced by individuals who are part of the LGBTQ+ community during their coming out process. It aims to foster empathy, awareness, and sensitivity among participants regarding the diverse responses people might encounter when revealing their sexual orientation to friends, family, community, and colleagues.

Sexual Wellness Box Programs

Safer Sex Cards

The purpose of this activity is to understand the risk that is associated with certain sexual acts. No act is completely safe, but some are safer than others. Remind students that this is not meant to discourage or encourage students from performing certain acts, but to allow them to make the best decision for themselves.

Safer Sex Education Bingo

The purpose of this interactive program is to promote awareness and knowledge around safe sex practices. The program aims to empower students with the knowledge they need to make informed choices about their sexual health. Providing students with a comprehensive understanding of safe sex practices, will allow them to take control of their well-being and engage in responsible sexual behavior.

Social Wellness Box Programs

Door Three

Illustration of a friend helping someone out

Throughout Dae’s tumultuous relationship, their friends try to figure out how to navigate getting them help without losing their friend in the process. This film deals with topics like how to help a friend in an unhealthy relationship, financial boundaries, and the unique challenges in queer relationships.

Live Your Purpose

The purpose of this activity is to explore your vocation, calling, and purpose by generating reflection and discussion surrounding key themes of one’s identity, calling, purpose, and vocation, as well as one’s role in community, service, and justice.

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