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Hair Time

Infographic that shares the assessment data of Cal Lutheran's Center for Cultural Engagement & Inclusion's Hair Time Program. It reads as follows. Hair Time program: By the numbers 2022-2023. 58 unique students served. 129 appointment requests received with 99 confirmed and 30 waitlisted. Outstanding service 9.4 average score students gave when asked how satisfied they were with their service on a scale of 1-10. Student Quote "Besides the fact that the braiding stylist had gifted hands with my hair, she was also great with her service. She treated me like family." 9 out of 10 students indicated they would not have access to hair care services in the area without this program. Unparallelled impact - 100% of students surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that the program has a positive impact on their mental health. Student quote "This was amazing for me as a Black student. I was scared I wouldn't get a haircut for months. There isn't a place I'd feel comfortable going to in Thousand Oaks."

Black students at Cal Lutheran often name lack of access to hair care services in the surrounding area as a barrier to their sense of belonging and overall wellbeing. In living our commitment to cultivating a welcoming and inclusive community for all students at Cal Lutheran, the Center for Cultural Engagement & Inclusion is proud to partner with Clip Dart to provide barber and hair services to students at no cost. 

Upcoming Sessions

Please note that dates are subject to change.

  • May 1, 2024 

How to Book Appointment

  • This program is intended to reduce the gap of adequate haircare services in the area for students with curly and coily hair. As such, we give priority to students with 3a-4c hair types. You may reference our policy list for more information. 
  • Click the "Book Appointment" button below to submit an appointment request. Once we receive more appointments than we can accommodate in a session, we will close the form. If the registration form is closed, please email ccei@CalLutheran.edu to be added to the waitlist. Include your name, phone number, type of service requested (barber or braiding stylist) and any questions you have. If a spot opens up, we will text or call you to book your appointment. 

We are now taking requests for our May 1st session.

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