Forward Together

Vision, Mission, Values

Mission and VisionVision statements are about what organizations aspire to be or to do. They are future oriented declarations of broad, long-term objectives, of a “raison d’être”. As such, the faculty and staff at the School of Management at California Lutheran University have developed the following vision:

The School of Management aspires to develop bold, inquisitive, and responsible leaders who transform organizations, communities, and the world.

This vision reflects our commitment to education and how we focus our attention to the individual's potential - the potential to not only acquire knowledge by learning, but the potential to question, to create and to transform by their actions. The vision expresses our desire to reach beyond the status quo, beyond the paradigm of what exists and to facilitate change on many levels and in many contexts. Whatever we do is being measured against this vision.

Vision and MissionOur mission statement is directly derived from our vision. It describes what we do today in the pursuit of tomorrow’s vision:

The mission of the School of Management is to prepare students for success with integrity in their professional and personal lives through scholarship, diverse learning experiences, and community engagement in a global context.

Our values guide us in our daily activities. The School of Management honors the university’s Lutheran identity of being Rooted and Open and in pursuit of our vision and mission, we conduct ourselves through these Values:

  • ROOTED AND OPEN: We honor our Lutheran identity and are actively committed to expanding the boundaries of what we know.
  • DIVERSITY: We embrace and advocate for diversity in backgrounds, identities and viewpoints.
  • COMMUNITY: We live in a connected world in which our actions affect others. We are quick to help our neighbors, expecting nothing in return, acknowledging that we are stronger together.
  • CURIOSITY: We don’t accept the status quo, using critical thinking to understand the way the world works, and innovation to change it for the better.
  • INTEGRITY: We act truthfully, honorably and authentically even when no one is looking.
  • ACHIEVING WITH PURPOSE: We focus on the needs of our stakeholders in setting and accomplishing goals.

These statements guide the School of Management on its path. They determine our strategy as much as they influence our day-to-day activities as an organization and as individuals – each one of us.