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Sustainable Development Goals

What are SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set by the United Nations, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.


The 17 Goals, adopted by all United Nations in 2015, represent the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – an ambitious plan to address the greatest global challenges.

Why are SDGs important in business?

Regardless of their size or industry sector, all companies can contribute to the SDGs. While the scale and scope of these global goals is unprecedented, the fundamental ways that business can contribute remain unchanged. 


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A global call to action

The UN Global Compact asks companies to first do business responsibly and then pursue opportunities to solve societal challenges through business innovation and collaboration.



According to the United Nations Global Compact, business as usual is no longer an option. Sustainability is not just a moral imperative, it is good business.



The new generation of leaders should have the skills and tools to thrive in a business world while meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Get involved, participate in our PRiME Competition

Each year the School of Management at Cal Lutheran presents the PRiME Competition, an opportunity for all graduate and undergraduate students to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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