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PRiME Competition 2021

For the third year, we brought the vision and spirit of the global Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) into our local school-wide initiative aiming to build awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our School of Management PRiME Competition!

Our PRiME Competition is part of the Cal Lutheran Festival of Scholars Week which stands for excellence in teaching and learning where we proudly showcase our students’ work. Traditionally, students showcase their projects in-person, however, again this year due to the global crisis caused by Covid-19 we presented the competition virtually bringing the same level of competition, quality of projects and judging for the students! We are proud to say we significantly increased our worldwide exposure by more than doubling our voters who participated in the People's Choice Award virtual voting!

PRiME Competition Awards Ceremony on ZOOM 


Joanie Burns

Megan Bloomer

CIndy Keitel

Joanie Burns, Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability Manager at Amgen and MBA Alumna
Megan Bloomer, Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at The Cheesecake Factory

Cindy Keitel, Community Relations Coordinator at Cal Lutheran and an MBA program alumna



We are proud of all of those who participated – students, professors, judges, those who reviewed the projects and voted in the People’s Choice award.  Everyone made it a special event. And the award winners are...

Grand Prize

 1st Place
 2nd Place

PRiME 2021 Grand Prize

PRiME 2021 1st Place

PRiME 2021 2nd Place

Leading Ladies
Authors: Anna Gallo, Alexa Macaluso, Melissa Wasylewski (BS in Accounting)
The Conflict on Water: Northern California Farmers Perceptions of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Author: Hope Ramos (Master of Public Policy and Administration and Reagan-Gallegly Fellow)

Beginning to Save: Rationality, Financial Knowledge, and Saving Behavior 
Author: Anne Wittig (MS in Financial Planning) 


 PRiME 2021 Autodesk

 PRiME 2021 Utopia


Autodesk: Sustainability, Automation, and Digitization: 
Author: Emily Crosby

Authors: Emily Esserman, Gabriel Geesey, Clara Logan, Jorge Membreno

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in Education:
Author: Erin Niemi   


Each project required a written paper, SDGs-executive summary, video presentation and Powerpoint/poster presentation for judges review. 25 projects were submitted with 14 selected as finalists for the competition.

PRiME 2021 Global Footprint
Competition Stats
1652 Voters
4956 Votes
6 Continents

PRiME 2021 Geo Map Voting

People's Choice Award
PRiME 2021 Peoples Choice

Words for the World
Authors: Corealle Locey, Siqi Luo, Gitika Bowry