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PRiME Competition 2019

We brought the vision and spirit of the global Principles for Responsible Management Education into our local school-wide initiative aiming to build awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals - the School of Management PRiME Competition!

The PRiME Competition was launched in the 2018-2019 academic year. Students from various undergraduate and graduate School of Management programs submitted 25 projects. Each project included a written paper and SDGs-executive summary required for the first round, followed by a poster presentation at the PRiME event on May 1st, 2019.

PRiME Competition 2019 Students


In the survey conducted after the event, 67% of respondents indicated that this competition helped them to develop a better understanding of Sustainable Development Goals. “Building a network with other like-minded students who are willing to do extensive research and promote sustainability”, “discussions with students and other  participants” were mentioned among valuable benefits.

My participation in this competition has definitely prepared me for the next phase of my career after graduation. I have grown not only in my studies in the MBA program, but also in partnership with my community, particularly within the sharing economy framework. 

Jennifer Jones McIntyre, Executive MBA student

It was wonderful to share what I am passionate about with others.

Petra Rickertsen, 
Business Administration Major

Grand Prize 1st Prize 2nd Prize People's Choice
Image Image Image Image
ReSmoothIt: Petra Ebner, Daniel Doff-Sutta, Thomas Reifmesser, Thomas Makandreou
(EMBA in Austria - presented remotely)
The Wonderful Company and Water  Sustainability: Ivan Zaragoza (UG Business)
Eradicating Poverty and Taking Climate Action in Indonesia: Rachel Smith (MPPA)

PRiME Competition 2019 Participants

  • REI in Norway: International Marketing Plan: Amanda Oyao, Laura Willits, John Wise, Ivan Zaragoza
  • Can I borrow a Cup of Sugar?: Jennifer Jones McIntyre
  • Recommendations for a sustainable Indonesia: Greg Sefain
  • Gender Equality: A Case Study of Tata Group: Sarin Watana-AKRA, Jingyang Wang, Chien-kai Wen
  • Bodhi Hub – Devoted  local communities promoting sustainability worldwide: Marvin Rue Jr
  • The Future of Oxnard: Maya Hoholick
  • Essays on Environmental Issues and Sustainability: Lauren Panosian
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Nestor Covarrubias
  • Sustainability & The Automotive Industry: Ivan Zaragoza, Hesham Atta Alla, Petra Rickertsen
  • SDGs with in-N-Out Burger: Sk Tanvir Ahmed, Veli Arikan, Weitang Cui, Yuze Lyu
  • Water Conservation at Beyond Meat: Petra Rickertsen
  • A Study on the Feasibility of SDG #3 in a Global Context: Jordan Frazier
  • Going Out of Business: Tam Wolfe-Callanta
  • The Future is Now: Plan for It!: Tam Wolfe-Callanta
  • Rural Healthcare Recruitment: Jenny Cheng, Fariba Nooraninejad, Lacy Matticks

Projects Presented remotely:

  • Jeff Bezos – A negotiation analysis of the world’s richest man: Lisa Kandlhofer, Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof, Juergen Steinbrenner, Alexej Putrih (poster only)
  • Sheryl Sandberg and the Role of Gender in Negotiations: Julia Bruchbacher; Daniela Grausam; Thomas Hoernes; Birgit Richter (poster only)
  • Designing Sustainability: Brooke Evans (poster only)

PRiME Competition Judges 2019

Competition Judges: John Tone, Don Toussaint, Joan Burns, Michael Teasdale Kassra Homayoonfar

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