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PRiME Competition 2023

Our PRiME Competition is inspired by the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) worldwide initiative. In this meaningful competition, students showcase their class projects that support the global Sustainable Development Goals.

On the year of PRiME’s 5th Anniversary, we came together for a networking event to celebrate our student success and share gratitude for the PRiME champions support.

PRiME Competition 2023

Competition Award Winners:

Grand Prize

Grand Prize 2023

First Place

First Place 2023

Second Place

Second Place2023

Finalist Projects Presented:

30 projects were submitted, with 16 selected as finalists for the competition. Each project required a written paper, SDGs-executive summary, video, presentation deck, and poster for judges' review.

  1. FarmBright Energy. Bryant Nguyen, Logan Steinberger, Eileen Juarez
  2. Sustainability Analysis of Ginkgo Bioworks. Edward Curren
  3. Is nuclear energy green? Austria vs. EU. Julia Krassnik, Marie-Theres Kügerl, Julie Magnien, Jana Morgenstern
  4. LGA Balanced Bars. Akeem Severin, Sung Woo (Greg) Paeng, Luke Simoneau
  5. Apple, Inc. vs. Sustainable Consumption & Production. Ashley Solorio
  6. Green Stadium: Combating Pollution. Hector "Monte" Palacios, Ryan Douglas
  7. Costco Supporting SDG #13.Meredith Olson
  8. Voltage.Jordan Carrion, Anthony Kederian, Uhdel Woods
  9. Back to Basics. Jamey Sinardi
  10. Ending the Ukraine War via Negotiations.Patricia Eidler, Johannes Eregger, Florian Prieler
  11. A Community in Need of Reproductive Healthcare. Jesse Rosas, Arielle Esparza
  12. BP. Emily Rummell
  13. RAW. Xochitl Azcona, Cade Edmondson, Chanelle Labrador
  14. John Case Study.Rafael Nieves Rios
  15. Las Hermosas Taco Co. Ariana Barajas, Arlene Esquivel, Samantha Rosales
  16. Youth Sports Participation in Los Angeles County. Sean Blandino, Paris Riggio

Honorable Mentions:

Honorable Mention 1

Honorable Mention 2

Honorable Mention 3


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Competition Judges and Sustainability Panelists

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