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PRiME Competition held

The annual PRiME Competition showcases student projects that support the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Each project required a written paper, SDGs-executive summary, video presentation, and Powerpoint/poster presentation for judges' review. 

This year, the competition drew a total of 36 submissions, out of which 12 projects were chosen for the finals. Under the guidance and with the amazing organizational skills of Valeria Makarova and Susan Wood, judges David Jones (Sustainability Officer, City of Glendale), Wilson Hago (Founder and CEO, Hago Energetics), and Joanie Burns (Environmental Programs Manager, Amgen) put in countless hours and helped to select the winning projects: 2nd place went to Savvy Student (Brooke Mallory, Tim Neibert, Cameron Mallory), 1st place to Jet Blue's Sustainable Business Strategies (Brandon Perera), Grand Prize and People's Choice to Food and Sustainability: Meat vs. Vegan (Cornelia Oswald, Sebastian Dernoscheg). Our global community was invited to vote in the People’s Choice Award category which was awarded to  Food and Sustainability: Meat vs. Vegan (Cornelia Oswald, Sebastian Dernoscheg). 

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