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Adjunct and Entrepreneur-in-Residence Donates to Dorfman Scholarship Fund

We have the most amazing adjunct professors. Not only did our MBA students learn about startup pitches from the best - adjunct professor, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and serial entrepreneur Kelly Kimball - they also got a life lesson in what it means to give back. Each week of the term, Kelly catered a full dinner for the students, he bought hundreds of essential books on entrepreneurship for them, and he spent countless hours coaching them outside of the classroom. On top of that, he also surprised them with a unique challenge: If all students gave their best and achieved top grades, then he would make a significant 5-figure donation IN THEIR NAMES to our Dorfman Scholarship fund. Last night was the night - students pitched, were judged by experienced professionals from our startup ecosystem, and then they were honored with the announcement of Kelly's gift. Kelly Kimball is any business school dean's dream come true - a highly experienced and successful professional, an instructor with unparalleled focus on student learning, a vocal defender of equity and inclusion, and someone with a big heart in the right place.