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Students Attend European Innovation Academy in Porto, Portugal

Over the summer, we sent a group of selected students from the School of Management to the Entrepreneurship boot camp offered by the European Innovation Academy (EIA) in Porto, Portugal. The students Kidus Adnew (Business/Finance), Ethan Craig (Business/I&E), Cheyenne Obrien (Business/I&E), Wako Wako (Computer Science w/ Business Minor), and Jeanine Zayyad (Business/Finance) spent three weeks deepening their knowledge of entrepreneurship and working together to create their own startup. The program offers resources, connections, and mentoring to help students build successful startups in just 10 or 15 days. The program is recognized globally and has formed partnerships with prestigious institutions such as Standford University, U.C. Berkeley, and Google — many thanks to Professor Carmina Bech Segarra for going with the students.